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trekking in nepal

Walking in the Himalayas - Trekking NepalThe pace of walking in the Himalayas is such that you will get unique opportunity to not just feast your eyes on the different aspects of high mountains, and wonderfully diverse landscapes, but also you will have the enviable chance to see how life is really lived in a very different part of the world than yours. The rhythms of life and the concerns, habits and beliefs of local people will be a revelation.

You don't have to be Superman to go trekking. In general you will walk 4-6 hours a day. A shorter walking time on the schedule means either that it is more tiring route or more likely that you need to stop below a certain altitude to acclimatise. A moderate degree of fitness is all that is required. When trekking with us you will not be carrying heavy loads, just an typically, a 25ltr. rucksack with your necessities for the day. Still, it is important that you not find this a terrible burden, and that the rucksack fits you well. In addition, make sure that the boots you walk in are broken in; new boots on a trek can cause nightmarish blisters and sores, and twisted ankles. f you feel you might not be up to the mark, simply start walking 15-30 minutes more everyday a month before you leave for your trek. Take the stairs more often and when you have the time and energy just go for a walk. On balance you should expect that you will exert yourself, though never to the point of exhaustion or collapse. Rather you will feel deliciously tired and welcome going to bed by 8 or 9PM.

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