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Hanuman Dhoka

Kathmandu's Hanuman Dhoka, a short stroll from the tourist centre of Thamel, is one of the most interesting areas of Kathmandu.

Durbar (palace) square is a complex of ancient architecture with it's palaces, temples, courtyards and museums and is a fascinating place to spend a couple of hours. I often go there for lunch when I am in the office in Kathmandu and sit on the steps of Maju Deval  watching the street scene below. Often sitting here I have been engaged in conversations with the locals, sometimes touts, but more often by artists, musicians and teachers anxious to improve their english language skills. I have met some very interesting people here and enjoyed some wonderfully enlightening conversations.

In the south western corner of the square is Kasthamandap, a wooden building that is said to have given Kathmandu it's name. Kasthamandap was built around 1,000 years ago and is reputed to have been built from a single huge Sal tree.

The entire area has been declared a World heritage Site by Unesco and should not be missed by visitors to Kathmandu, no matter how brief their stay in this wonderful city.

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